Charles Colman Law

Have you ever wondered how defense attorneys manage to get their clients’ charges reduced or dismissed? The prosecutor may have evidence against the defendant and then, suddenly, the case takes a turn and the defense attorney comes out with surprise information that either supports the defendant’s story or refutes the prosecution’s claims. Often, people are curious how a defense team finds the evidence or information to turn a case.

That’s where I come in. I’m Charles Colman and I’m a private investigator. I work for defense attorneys and help them dig through police reports, case files, lost records, and other evidence in order to find key information that can set their clients free. 

Without my help, defense teams wouldn’t be as successful at their jobs because it takes a lot of time and skill to do what I do. The information I bring to the table is what puts reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury and can change a client’s future. 

Strategies I Use to Find Key Information

In order to find specific information that will turn a case, I first have to do a deep dive into what’s already been found. Who is the client I’m working for? What have they been in trouble for in the past? What does the prosecutor have on them? How can I get around this? I essentially need to think like an attorney while also thinking like an investigator.

For example, if a prosecutor is claiming that the defendant was in possession of drugs because there were drugs found in the defendant’s car, I will do an investigation to determine whether the drugs actually belonged to the defendant, whether the car belonged to the defendant, whether the defendant knew about the drugs, and whether the police performed their jobs correctly.

What I hope to find in my investigation is evidence that will turn the case, such as prints in the car linking the crime to someone else or a witness that can testify against the police or in favor of the defendant. I never stop searching until I find what I need.

Resources I’ll Provide on This Blog

My line of work can be an exciting one, but it’s also difficult, exhausting, and takes a special set of skills. I’ll be posting here regularly with stories from cases I’ve worked on as well as various discussion topics. 

Whether you’re a defense attorney reading this blog for ideas or you’re just wanting to gain inside information on criminal defense litigation and private investigation work, I think you’ll find this site useful.